As a queer, femme, sometimes female trans* person, as a disabled person, as a mentally ill person, as a poor person, I can state with utter certainty that feminism as a movement has done fucking nothing to help me. Has in fact harmed me directly and personally. I have seen how feminism treats women like me and non-white women and various women whose lives do not fit a very narrow definition of woman and oppression. Non-white women are expected to be grateful — and to display appropriate gratitude — for a movement that failed to consider their lives and experiences and needs and did nothing much for them. Trans* feminine folk are ejected from women’s spaces because we make real women uncomfortable; trans* masculine folk are welcomed into those spaces because their genders aren’t considered real either and there’s a wildly objectivising fetishism of their identities and bodies in certain circles. Sex workers and illegal substance users are, ah, strongly discouraged from participating in feminist events (You can support us from over there. In the dark. Where no one can see you. Where there will be no expectation of reciprocal support.). Disabled people find community meetings and events inaccessible and are shamed for not participating as currently non-disabled folk do — going to meetings and street protests is real activism; writing blogs and being present on-line is not.

We have very different needs. We tend to need things rather low on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: food, water, shelter, security of body and family and health. The fraction of women in the population of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies is of very low importance to me. I need help to stay alive — as does everyone else I’m just more obvious about it — and the feminist movement isn’t going to get me that. The disability rights movement is and a good portion of feminism doesn’t give a shit about disability rights. Nice words maybe but not to the point of, y’know, doing shit. We’re still bitter about the disability tent at the Beijing women’s conference being inaccessible.

So yeah. If y’all still haven’t worked out the connections here, we say “fuck feminism” because feminism has been saying “fuck you” to us for a long, long time.

You want to flounce? Flounce. Take your wounded privilege and good riddance.

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I think this is so, so important. This is what made me start up Fuck Yeah, Gender Studies—because feminism, and even the larger and purportedly more liberal school of gender studies, “conveniently” ignores so many people. 
Kaninchenzero, i love you.


Elisabeth Hasslebeck, expert on so many things.

Like talking when she should STFU. And being wrong. And saying utterly offensive things seemingly obliviously (or else she’s really, really clever).

I kind of don’t even want to dignify the ridiculousness of what she’s saying with a response. On the other hand, i really do:-

Elisabeth Hasslebeck, you are stupid and ignorant. Not everybody’s perspective of the world sees men at the centre of every scene. That you do is really unfortunate for you; i hope that, at the very least, Whoopi et al are having a good influence on you, teaching you that your prejudices are ill-founded and your assumptions offensive, reductive and completely off the mark at every turn. Perhaps one day you’ll realise that you don’t need to denigrate other women to validate yourself. Do you know how you seem? You seem like a perfectly-moulded creation of phallocracy. Your self-perception, hence your perception of other women, is scarred. Your adamant rejection of lesbianism as nothing but a last resort, a direct consequence of male in/action, betrays that fact: your rejection of female independent thought/action and your assessment of not only yourself but all women as useful only in the constitution of a male pleasure is symptomatic of your enslavement to the phallus.
You’re a crony. Phallogocentrism needs to prevent women from expressing their own pleasure because a woman’s not-pleasure ensures she affirms the man’s narcissism—and you’re completely complicit in that.

You make me sad.

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This is heart-rending. A startling remind that domestic abuse isn’t just a hetero problem.

(via queersecrets)

This is heart-rending. A startling remind that domestic abuse isn’t just a hetero problem.