Used condoms in the street

[I was going to post a pic… but i think you folks know what i’m talking about.]

Used condoms in the street.

"Eugh that’s so gross!"

Not to me. Yes, littering is bad, and it would be nice if whoever decided to dispose of their soiled prophylactic could choose a bin and not the pavement as a final resting place—but apart from that: way to go! Seriously, folks. You probably think i’m a right oddball now… maybe i am. But i truly consider seeing used condoms in the street in a positive light. 

Sex is everywhere, right? People are having sex everywhere. People are fucking right now. OH MY GOD! People will fuck tonight. People will get drunk tonight and, for whatever reason, they will fuck in the street. They may not even be drunk. It doesn’t matter. People are fucking.

Used condoms are evidence that people are fucking and using protection. And that’s fucking awesome. Yes, it is. It’s awesome.