Gillette Venus latest campaign trivialises domestic violence, blames victims.

Gillette Venus Embrace’s latest UK campaign has a mini-website promoting its razors. The site includes a quiz entitled “See how close you are to your man”. The heteronormativity by itself is gross enough, but this fucking takes the cake.

As you go through the quiz questions (to “Test Your Closeness”…) you are presented with picture options. Couples kissing, hugging, a woman on a beach, a woman dancing—all fairly standard stock images i guess. Until…

4. Our closest moment is like

Yeah, that’s right. One of the picture answer options is a man about to punch a woman.

But okay, so maybe i shouldn’t jump to conclusions—maybe if you pick this option Gillette gives you a phone number for a hotline and links you to Women’s Aid or something.


This is the response I got after indicating that the closest moment in my relationship is when “my man” tries to punch me…

"You underestimate how sensual you can be to get you closer to your man. Start the day by treating your legs to Venus Embrace. Having silky-smooth legs is the first step to feeling like a sensual goddess. Keep this feeling throughout the day by wearing some sensual lingerie. You’ll see that as you reveal your inner goddess, your sensuality will naturally bring you closer to your man."

So, not only does Gillette not give a shit about the fact I may be being beaten by my partner, they suggest that I just need to look better and act sexier and my violent relationship will transform into everything i’ve ever dreamed of.

Fucking hell, Gillette.

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    This is ridiculous. Are you serious? Hmph. Never shaving again.
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    Seriously my country is fucked. I haven’t personally seen this because I don’t watch TV, but it would not surprise me.
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    fucked up, yo
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    hey so what the actual fuck
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    Ew. I vote no. I can’t imagine being a woman in a DV relationship and seeing this. The really sickening thing is that...
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    Found this quiz. I was hoping this was fake. It’s not.
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